Losing My Edge

In March 2011 I had an idea. I’d form a band and play a show in five weeks. Or maybe it was four weeks. This band would play a show covering LCD Soundsystem songs on the same night that the band played their last show in New York. It was supposed to be one show. Maybe two. That would be it.

It’s been over three years later and we’ve played more shows than can I remember. From those first shows at Kimo’s, to the sell out shows at Rickshaw Stop to that weird show in Berkeley where we played after what I think was a Celtic band sitting in the round.

We got some very nice local press. We were on BFF.FM and lots of people took our pictures at shows. That was all great. But what was truly wonderful was seeing other LCD Soundsystem fans singing along and dancing at shows. Oh, the dancing. The dancing is what kept me going. As long as you guys kept dancing, I wanted to keep doing shows. At least that’s what I thought.

A few months back an LCD Soundsystem album started playing while I was driving. I almost drove off the road trying to skip to the next album. The band had become less fun for me and more of a chore. Every song was becoming a homework assignment. Learn the lyrics. Figure out the timing. Determine the best way to work it into our set list. The music that I loved and had inspired me to create this project was now a burden.

I still love performing the songs live. I still love dancing on stage. But I need to change something before that too becomes burden.

So we’re putting LCD Soundsystem to bed. We’ve played the songs we want to play, we’ve done the shows we want to do, and we’ve met some truly amazing people and bands along the way.

But it’s not over yet. In true LCD Soundsystem fashion we’re going to have one last show. A show where we play all the songs we’ve learned (and maybe a few we haven’t learned). A show with where we invite our friends on stage to play songs with us.

Join us on October 4 at El Rio. It’s going to be epic.


After that show we will no longer be performing LCD Soundsystem shows. Instead, we’ll be doing more shows like our Talking Heads show from last NYE and our Nirvana show. The band’s still the same, just with less LCD Soundsystem. So stay tuned for more shows, more dancing, and more opportunities to keep you up too late while you’re having all the fun.

The tall one with red hair that sings